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Hardwood and Softwood Windows

25 years of Trading and with an established client base, we are able to offer high quality Hardwood and softwood windows produced from the highest grade timber.

Ridon Joinery was established to service the needs of builders and developers requiring specialist hardwood and softwood joinery, this we still continue to do and have built a very high reputation among Architects and Building Contractors.

With the recent installation of a high performance CNC Controlled Window Line we are now able to offer high performance windows on a mass produced scale be it hardwood or softwood.  We can also offer a good turn around time if required and still maintain a high quality.  Our range includes a high performance double storm proof window which is a unique design to Ridon Joinery.

We offer a wide range of mouldings and styles, and can also produce windows to match existing if required.Produced in any type of Hardwood or Softwood.

The superiority of Hardwood windows

  • Energy saving characteristics are unique - a particularly significant saving in heating costs can be achieved when windows are fitted with draught strip and sealed units.
  • Condensation is virtually eliminated.
  • Hardwood windows can be 15-20% larger than metal windows without losing any more heat.
  • When fitted with sealed units, exterior noise can be reduced by up to 40 decibels.
  • We now offer a factory Glazing service which can save a lot of time when site fitting.
  • From one off windows to complete house we can offer what ever is required.